Kelly. 21.
I'm inappropriate and I lift.

I fucking love lifting and working out and eating healthy. I can talk about it all for hours and hours and hours but instead I have this blog. FOLLOW ME IF YOU FUCKING LOVE LIFTING TOO!

I did my first NPC bikini competition on June 8th 2013! Training for figure 2014.

I have an associates in Fashion Merchandising & Management from FIT
Studying Nutritional Sciences at Rutgers starting Spring 2014
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instagram: @kdbeepbeep


If I had a bf who lived the same lifestyle I lived,

I’d cook every meal for you and always have back up supplements incase you stayed over and you forgot your stuff at home.

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    This is exactly what I do for my bf. He uses my protein and pre workout and when if we finish from the gym at the same...
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